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DC Bellamy has 99 Problems and Groundhog Day is the biggest one! Emma’s days are long and getting longer. Her three-man Supe Squad is spread thinner than translucent sugar glaze with wayward werewolves, amorous vamps, and prejudiced precincts. Though Liza and Fred are becoming indispensable, Emma’s ability to rise from the ashes places her squarely in the most dangerous situations… and then the newest mischief-maker in the detective’s world is most definitely up to something. When smoking hot criminal (and lest we forget… loving uncle) Devereau Webb gives Emma a gift she isn’t sure what to make of it. Are his intentions nefarious or is it some sort of wooing tactic? WWLT (what would Lukas think)???

The Firebrand series reaches Cult Classic status with Midnight Smoke. Annnnnd… the author has confirmed that This. Is. Not. A. Trilogy. Yes!!!

Officially a TDF (To Die For!!!), Must-Read series! I’m placing Amazon links for all three books below. If you haven’t been paying attention, and have yet to start Firebrand (please tell me you’ve started…), save yourself the trouble and order all three! ***All three books are free on Kindle Unlimited right now! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!