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I know all the leopard shifters in this series have had their own many, many trials and tribulations, but come on, the Amur leopards from Russia win ‘The Worst Childhood Ever’ award (… and ‘Sexiest Accent’ award too)! Sevastyan takes his role as Mitya’s bodyguard seriously, however, he and his leopard Shturm have had an increasingly difficult time controlling their rage as they watch his cousins find their mates and soothe their inner beasts. Never did the stoic shifter think a petite Strawberry Leopard landscaper could be his match. Flambé is a successful businesswoman but is waffling over her feelings for Sevastyan more than a waitress waffles at Waffle House… Did I mention she wasn’t into a permanent commitment… with a deadly, cold beast of an Amur…???

Leopard’s Rage is the 13th novel in Christine Feehan’s Leopard series and the action, brotherhood, and absolute devotion to mates is still going strong. Savastyan and Flambé’s story is actually quite different than its predecessors. I could not, Could NOT, figure out what exactly was going on, but when CF finally penciled in certain revelations… I was like… Ohhhhhh!

*Note – I didn’t like the name Flambé. It made me hungry and distracted me at times…

*Note – Okay. I think it needs to be said… I am so very tired of reading obnoxious reviews for CF’s Leopard series (small in number from the lovers, but still). They usually prattle on about how there are too many horrific crimes against children (hello… bringing awareness to abuse), and then they modestly… ahem… cough… bring up the sex scenes. There are just too many, too detailed (thank you CF), too repetitive… So, this would be similar to me reviewing a scientific work on, let’s say, building a rocket fuselage – and my review went something like: Omg, there was way too much science in this book… the author went on and on about rockety science stuff. Soooo boring. 1 ⭐ End. Of. Rant.

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