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When reading words like Death, Dark Fae, and Reaper imagination expects grim, cold voids… mortality… unless Donna Grant is the author behind the ink slinging! As DG puts pen to her imagination even reaped souls sigh. Where the Reaper series could have strayed into the macabre of bloody scythes and black capes, she gives Dark World Fans characters who need hugs, soul mates, and brotherhood. Reapers are not just a supporting cast to the Dark Kings, but rather an integral part of the universe. Dark Alpha’s Caress is the tenth book in this series and Cathal and Sorcha’s story. Though steeped in Shakespearean tragedy, this is an endearing trinal tale of Halfling, Dark Fae, and Druid romance.💙

*Note – I have a feeling Aisling’s story is going to be a tearjerker😭

Reapers… Seriously, do you even need another reason to buy this book? If you haven’t gotten your copy of Dark Alpha’s Caress (👀) an Amazon link is below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!