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I’m at a loss here… My delicate emotions have been flayed. Can. Not. Take. This. Much. Psychological. Trauma. Gods and Goddesses are better (okay… equal) to whiskey.

What to expect from the second book in Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild: Hades and Persephone series – Struggles between light and dark. Tension (… the sexual kind😉). Precious bat moments. Pondering who the F is speaking to Hades from the depths of the crevasse. Titans (run…). Three-headed cuddly puppies. Steamy Underworld bath scenes. Steed naming. Goddess training. World destroying… Basically, everything that fantasy fanatics die for is in this series. Everything. Hades and Seraphia aren’t even a couple – yet – but they are already hardcore couple goals.

*Note – The third book is supposed to release mid December but I don’t have confirmation or a title yet. Stay tuned.

*Note – Here is the first review version that I wrote: “So good. So good. So good. So good. So good. Need More.” It still might have worked…

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