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In J.R. Ward’s newest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel the author manages to make fans warm and fuzzy while also crushing their hearts. Prepare for ugly crying jags at least eight times a chapter (and there are A Lot of chapters), human Holiday festivities, V lighting up more than just hand-rolled smokes, and black and white (Angelic) conundrums. A Warm Heart in Winter will absolutely wreck you, but Ward always employs heavy MacGyver techniques to put her readers back to rights.

I hope my subscribers adore this love story as much as I do… and it is, ultimately, a love story. Sure, there is violence, brothers-in-arms, vampires, death, and destruction, but truly, I’ve always found BDB fascinating because of its close-knit bonds, it’s family, the jovial yet touching camaraderie between friends, and the absoluteness of commitment between mates.

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