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Would you like to know why #Netflix decided to make The Shadow and Bone Trilogy into their next big original series? They’re Brilliant. How am I just finding this series? Do I have no friends? Have I been naughty? Okay, so I’m fashionably late to the Grisha party – I’ll take tardiness over NEVER any day! (Shout-out to my youngest daughter for finally letting mommy know what I’ve been missing😗)

Bardugo has created a world filled with dark magic, science, and war – hidden agendas, dangerous long games, and friendships forged in flame. The kingdom of Ravka is surrounded by Axis powers, Allies, and the death waters of the Shadow Fold, but enemies also lie within Ravka’s borders. The Darkling is the leader and most powerful Grisha living whose ultimate goals are shrouded in deathly mists. The key to victory lies in the hands of Alina Starkov, a sickly Army mapmaker with long-buried secrets.

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy is the world’s next Lord of the Rings saga. There is no higher praise I can give this author. Bravo Leigh Bardugo!

*Note – The series drops on Netflix this April!

I’m probably the last person to jump on the Bardugo Bus, but just in case there are a few of you who still need to begin The Shadow and Bone trilogy I’ve put Amazon links for both books I reviewed today as well as a link for the final book, Ruin and Rising, which I will review soon!