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Talia may no longer be caged, but her life is not all magenta locks and rainbows. The human blood-bank-Seelie-cure is still being hunted by her former captors. Lord Sylas’s cadre-chosen are learning that sharing is caring, but their pariah status is still hitting the clan hard, and joining in the war against the Unseelie could be their only chance at redemption.

Bound to the Fae is an original take on Fae and Shifter Fantasy and this second installment, Feral Blood, turns this reverse harem series molten!

*Note – Do I love Whitt, Sylas, August, and Talia? Yes. Is there an EXCEEDINGLY small secondary character that gives the MCs a run for their money? Yes… Astrid… Now, that is a woman worth getting to know!

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