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BIGGEST SHOCKER in Blood Heir – Kate Daniels is discussed but NOT seen AND I didn’t even care! Illona Andrews most definitely pulled a rabbit out of her magic Kate Daniels World hat to create Julie’s story. Describing this latest release as extremely well-written, complex, enthralling, intriguing, or desperately addictive sounds so lame, but I am sorely lacking words of praise that accurately portray how much I LOVED reading it…

Stating that tensions are high in Blood Heir – understatement… Julie is back in Atlanta to save Kate without Kate knowing she’s in danger – ALL this while hiding her return from her family, dodging Ascanio Ferara, solving murder mysteries, slaying the child sacrificing elder god Moloch’s helpers, and mothering orphans!

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT in Blood Heir – It isn’t 3000 pages long…

*Note – I haven’t found any news of more KD World release dates – but you know IA will come through for the fans❣❣❣

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