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ShadowShine for the win!!! Rejected started out at intense, hit volcanic with Reclaimed, and I can only assume with its ending, that the third book, Reborn, escalates into Total Destruction. Shadow Beast Shifters is Jaymin Eve’s 2021 gift to readers. PS. Until the very END, I had NO IDEA of the absolute twisted journey the author planned to unleash. Happy endings… not so much! Mera and Shadow’s story – Brilliant and soooo not over yet.

*Note – new favorite character – Midnight💙

*Note – character that needs her own spinoff series – Angel🤍

*Note – character that needs to die – (you’ll know…)💔

Thank you so much for taking another Jaymin Eve journey with me! I’ve added Amazon links for both books that are currently out and a preorder link for Reborn (releases March 31, 2021) below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now and follow me on Facebook and Twitter!