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Hell hath no fury like the Devil’s disdain! Mess with Lucifer’s lover – get your a$$ handed to you.👿 So what does a gal do when their soul mate snuffs the life out of them – Uhhh, a little warning lover!!! Lucifer and Hannah aren’t out of the Sin City woods yet just because they dabbled in some resurrection recreation – Adam does still want his pound of flesh. Will life eventually relax into tranquil mated peace for Lucifer and Hannah? Methinks… no. Uxoricide aside, if Lucifer doesn’t figure out a way to end Adam and stop the Archdemon takeover, Hell on Earth is assured. Oh, and did I mention that Hannah is fresh out of infinity lives?

I know you all are dying over this series like I am!!! If you still need your copy of Demon King, Devilish Mate, or want to preorder the third book in the series, Infernal God, I’ve attached Amazon links for all of them below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!