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Just when we think Sylas’ pack-kin’s move back to the ‘ole homestead of Hearthshire will mean bigger and better things… No! No, it doesn’t! Arch-lord Ambrose isn’t done with manipulations and intrigue, especially where “The Cure” is involved. Lord Sylas and his cadre are stretched to unraveling as they try to protect their lady and overcome hidden secrets (revealed). The Unseelie’s silence is deafening. Friends have become enemies and casualties are piling up. Talia loves her mates but knows her time as lady of Hearthshire is a ticking counter going down. Kings of Moonlight is absolute Adventure!

Only one more book in the series to go! Hurry and catch up if you haven’t started Eva Chases’ latest adventure! I am putting Amazon links for the series below, including the fourth installment due out soon – March 31st!