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Ready for more Kitsune and Wolf shifters?! How about demented werewolf gods or deadly curses? Not enough?… Okay, the author has also thrown in vampires, hunters, and a teensy bit of reverse harem. Yeah, C.X. Young is generous like that!

If you recall, one of Hana’s mates DIED in Their Mated Howls and we found out Hana is cursed to kill her mates (thank you Osyn…), the wolf god himself has inhabited Hana’s BFF, Ren, who she now has to marry to save her mates and bear his child (Osyn really likes to keep it all in the family doesn’t he…🤢). WIth that head-turning recap, The Shewolf’s Choice is just as jam-packed! Hana’s mates (sans one) have innumerable obstacles to hurdle before a Happily Ever After is possible.

*Note – For fans who have been following the series – could you forgive Hana’s mother?

*Note – I do have to address the editing issues – there are a bunch – it doesn’t take away from the storyline, but it is annoying.

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