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Shifter Island is a magical enclave for adrenaline-laced fantasy fanatics!

Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

Why am I reviewing the first three books in Leia Stone and Raye Wagner’s new Shifter Island series at once? I. Could. Not. Stop. Shifter Island is the place to live if you’re a BA shifter and happen to have some MageTastic magic – or if you are an alpha wolf in training. For Nai, who is the next alpha of the Crescent Clan, getting invited to attend Alpha Academy a year early is stressful, but being from the only wolf shifter clan kicked off the Island and living in the human world adds a whole lot more anxiety.

Nai’s first few weeks find the new student with a new bestie, sassy Kaja from the Harvest Clan, and strangely enough, she also becomes intrinsically tied to the four Midnight Clan princes, Honor, Noble, Courage, and Justice. Nai also discovers a few skeletons in her lineage closet, meets her forever-fated mate, and becomes seriously obsessed with green eyes.

Stone and Wagner gifts readers with an OG fantasy series featuring plenty of treachery, best friend naughtiness, mage wine marathons, blood oaths, masked soirees, and afterlife travel. Magnifique!!!

A new series for me to devour – my favorite thing EVER!!! If you need to order any Shifter Island title or preorder book 4 (June 1, 2021) Amazon links are provided below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!