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I put off reading Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes final book, A Sky Beyond the Storm because I just didn’t want to face its’ inevitable conclusion. There are times I relish finales… an ending… a completeness that relieves me of conjuring future scenes. So, I avoided picking it up until now. Why would anyone choose to say goodbye to Laia of Serra, the Soul Catcher Elias Veturius, the Blood Shrike Helene Aquilla, Avitas Harper, Darin, Musa, even the Nightbringer and Keris Veturia – the Tribespeople, the jinn, the Martials, Mariners, Scholars… who would want that? I escaped the end for a while, but inevitably I could not stay away. This book is absolutely exceptional.

A Sky Beyond the Storm pulses with jinn magic and flames – the Waiting Place resembles hell over haven – the whole world hovers on the edge of an abyss – a malevolent, tumultuous sea of death. I may not have wanted this to be goodbye, but I did want a semblance of peace for these characters. An Ember in the Ashes thoughtfully and relentlessly changed the landscape of High Fantasy. Sabaa Tahir didn’t come to play – She is a fiery storyweaver. I can’t wait to see what soon-to-be cult classics flow through her pen next!

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