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Dying over this series… DYING!!! It is a nail-biting, fantastical thrill that you will NOT be able to stop reading! Demi Calloway’s parents were banished from Wolf City and forced to live with other magical rejects and humans. Demi was born into this cold, unforgiving world and made to endure ridicule as the only wolf shifter at Delphi High. The worst – she and her parents are forced to wear magical binding cuffs that stop shifters from shifting, however, when our shifterless, converse-wearing, leading lady runs into Wolf City’s Alpha heir Sawyer… EVERYTHING changes. Now Demi is haunch deep in intrigue – her parents have secrets, Sawyer has secrets, Demi’s entire life is smoke and mirrors! Once her cuffs come off, Demi is hunted by Dark Fey, Light Fey, Paladins, Witches, Vampires, Trolls – pretty much EVERY magical being wants a piece – Wolf Girl Series is Thrilling!

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