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According to Wikipedia, Six degrees of separation┬áis the idea that all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Keep this interesting factoid in mind when you begin Arresting Jeremiah, the second book in Amber Daulton’s Arresting Onyx series.🌎 Daulton’s weaving skills are next level❣

Mia’s brother Jeremiah (Mason’s parole officer in Arresting Mason) has been obsessing over the tall, blonde, curvy waitress at a dive diner where he just so happens to meet a few of his parolees for lunch. Calista Barlow secretly wishes he’d ask her out already (it’s been almost a year of shy smiles and innocent flirting)! Ahhhh, doesn’t this sound just like the sweetest little love story in the making? Ummmm, perhaps if one ignores psycho exes, parole violators, drug lords, wiretappings, kidnappings, black eyes, and stalkers – but if you can tune out parts of the exhilarating, heart-pounding storyline, then yeah, it is quite a romantic tale.

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