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I was his judge, jury, and executioner, and I’d tried him and found him wanting. Today, I was his reaper.

p. 207 Character Who Shall Not Be Named Infernal God

Readers of the Claimed by Lucifer series probably assumed Adam couldn’t be any bigger of a $#ithead, but Adam inside Pestilence… so much worse, and that is but a single flame in the many fires Hannah has to extinguish. Infernal God is the final book in this series and not a whole lot happens – scratch that – try everything happens – like 99 Problems and an Elder God IS one! Lucifer, now stuffed into War’s angry clutches has two goals, escape Heaven and make the woman who imprisoned him pay. The newest Demon Queen has other plans however and doesn’t plan on allowing the Elder God War to mantrum his way across Sin City. This book is Claimed by Lucifer’s storyline pinnacle. Infernal God is action, lust, love, betrayal, and new beginnings.

*Note – I was going to demand (beg) Elizabeth Briggs to write Lucifer’s oldest son’s story… and then I read the author’s note at the end of Infernal God… and what do you know… coming soon… Death Lord – Belial’s series – no demanding (begging) required.

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