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Meant to Be Immortal is Mac and CJ’s story and Lynsay Sands 32nd Argeneau novel❣ Some Immortals are changed by choice, some against their will, and some during tragic events that do not allow time for consent. MtBI falls under none of these categories.😉Sure, there is still the complex Argenaue family tree to decipher, fantastic multi-storylines, and past heartbreaks and hardships to unearth, house fires, hit-and-runs, blood bag buffets, and Enforcers, but #32 is all about the wooing… 💙💙💙 … Oh, and in case you were worried, the comedic duo of Justin Bricker and Decker Argeneau Pimms are in it to win it!

*Note – Besides being a rockstar secondary character, elderly B&B owner Millie Vesper is lovely and an integral part of Meant to Be Immortal, so she easily kept my attention… but she also caught Marguerite Notte’s attention… and we all know what THAT means… she has to be someone’s lifemate!!!

*Note – This series would be a crazy, amazing Netflix OG but don’t you think it would be better served as the impetus toward scientific research on nanos that keep us all forever young?! I neeeed them.

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