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Alpha Girl is Demi’s Happily Ever After Love Story.👀 Surely Leia Stone fans know this author better than that… Alpha Girl is Demi’s Survival of the Fittest War Story. Finished with evading her Paladin duties, Demi is forced to endure an alpha trial by Dark Woods while her mate tries to hold on to Wolf City with enemies bombarding the capital from all sides. The defected witches still haven’t found a spell to release the ankle monitor Sawyer wears, keeping Wolf City’s newest alpha from following his mate into Paladin lands. As Alphas, Demi and Sawyer have no choice but to set aside their personal needs as mates and fight for their packs, but will they ever find their way back to one another? Alpha Girl focuses more on Demi, her deepest wounds, fierce determination, and her unwavering faith (well… barely wavering… tested and scarcely dented perhaps) – self-discovery has never been so brutal.

There is still time to catch up if you haven’t started this series yet! The Fourth and Final book doesn’t release until July 31, 2021! I am attaching Amazon links for the entire series below! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!