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Grim Reaper Emoticon
Reapers, bringing sex appeal to Death one scythe swing at a time

Dark Alpha’s Obsession is Donna Grant’s eleventh Reaper novel and Light Fae Fianna and Reaper Rordan’s story. The Others have been vanquished but there are still plenty of bad seeds that want to nurture, and eventually grow, a new and improved Other reincarnation. Death sends one of her trusted Reapers to infiltrate their recruitment meetings, however, the head of security is surprisingly distracting… Surely, you didn’t believe that just because Con and Rhi finally had their happily-ever-after that the bad guys would find new hobbies?!

*Note – Guess who we get to read about in DAO??? Balladyn! Yes, Balladyn!!!!!

*Note – Dorcha should forever be known as a synonym for Douche.

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