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The sixth book into the Shadowspell Academy series and it feels like Wild and her crew have been fighting for years, and it’s only been WEEKS – weeks where death relentlessly tails the newly emerged chameleon and everyone she cares about. Thankfully, all of their innate House abilities are escalating at the same fast pace! Frost and her cronies are persistent in bringing Wild in, Rory is injured, Wild is in rescue friends mode, Nicholas’ allegiance is TBD, the Culling Trials now feel like a lovely holiday, and, perhaps not life or death, but Rory’s extracurricular Gen affairs are still a WTH moment. This entire series is a spectacular study in immersive characters – you see them, experience their emotions, feel pleasure in their accomplishments, and applaud their loyalty! Shadowspell Academy is a series that I hope all my subscribers check out!

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