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Secrets of Winter delves deeper into, well, the secrets of winter… Talia discovers more of Winter’s curse and how it shadows her beloved wolves’ curse in the Summer realm. The Heart isn’t giving anything away and Talia is being passed about like a baton in an arch-lord marathon. How does a human-cum-curse breaker decide whether to give up her Seelie lovers or turn her back on her soul-twined Unseelie mate?! Sylas, Whitt, August, and Corwin are determined to end the war between their people, find the cause of their curse, and above all, keep Talia safe by their sides. The Heart of the Mist may not be the Fae’s greatest orator but its’ guidance undoubtedly flows through the catnip-scented fingers of the curiously influential shifter seductress!

Five Bound to the Fae down and one more to go! I attached links to the entire series below as well as the preorder link for the sixth book, Fated Crown, due to release July 21, 2021! Thank you so much for stopping in! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!