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Fans of the Stone-Wagner author duo know that their motto is always Go Big or Go Home – and they ALWAYS Go BIG! The fourth, and I believe, the final book in their Shifter Island series will leave fans gasping, laughing, teary-eyed, and head-scratching – like What Just Happened?! Midnight Truth is full of tumultuous villains, unbreakable bonds, and War, War, War! As if navigating what being the Master of Spirit’s heir entails isn’t fraught with enough pitfalls, Nai and Rage must discover a way to unite their people and subdue the newest scourge threatening Shifter Island and High Mage Island.

What a fantastic finale!!! I hope you guys all take a trip to Stone and Wagner’s Shifter Island! I’ve attached Amazon links to all the books below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!