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If Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets had a deadlier, sexier, totally BA secondary branch – it would be The Nova Force. Bet-Nawa is the third and final book (… noooooo!!!) in Savage’s space odyssey. It has a killer ending, and though the author is calling it the conclusion, I’m still hopeful this isn’t the last we’ll be patrolling the stars. You’ll recall Nawa from Tal-Amun, the first book in the series, where he competed for the human researcher Nia’s affection – obviously he lost, and thankfully so, or he wouldn’t have his own story to tell now! When the Alpha tracks Chief Svetlana Goncharov as she emerges from a Jemeison shuttle with her Royal marine crew the Lexar Mating Frenzy ignites in the Exempler’s second – Electric! …Btw, the giant bug alien Zaecadys are still menacing the galaxies in their bid to take over the planets – their Queen is pregnant, hormonal, and enjoying her children’s killing spree. The only path to victory over the villainous vermin can only be achieved through the Lexar and humans working together – Nawa is certainly down but Svetlana’s past causes her to hesitate.

I think we can all agree that sci-fi romance is spacetastic! I’ve attached Amazon links for all three books in this series below in case you haven’t started Nova Force Aaru yet👀 If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!