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Linsey Hall wraps up Eve and Lachlan’s story with Wolf Queen, the fifth book in the Shadow Guild Wolf Queen series. Eve is not only the last of the Dire wolves alive (or is she 👀) but she’s also a goddess! Yo Lachlan, hope you adore powerful women bru (forgive me, I watch a LOT of Below Deck)! Eve is now on lockdown as she inhaled all the Dark Moon curse from the shifters – good news for Lachlan, not so much for Eve – also, Hall reveals the Maker’s origins and his endgame! Wolf Queen is an energetic, highly involved story with past and present Guild members tossing heads and transport charms like firework snaps – the characters are irreverent, demon-slayers who support the cursed mates through unholy battles, treasure hunts, witch parties, and a$$less yoga pant chaps.⚔ Glorious! I am always impressed with this author’s talent and imagination. DO NOT miss out on Hall’s Shadow Guild bonanza!

Yet another Shadow Guild member explored and adored! I’ve attached Amazon links for all five books in the series below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!