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My subscribers may wonder why I am only now reviewing a book that released last October – the answer should be obvious – Once I read it, it would be <HELLO> over! One cannot simply UNREAD a book! This series makes my top Need to Read list and sometimes anticipation makes it all the sweeter. In this instance, the pain of St. Aubin abstinence was Worth. It. Hanna may not be sitting in a tree Mark but beds, walls, tables, and rugs are liberally exploited. And yes, before you ask, Detective Morrison is still in the running, but the whole werewolf heir thing Hanna is rocking puts James on a need to know, but keep bringing doughnuts, and your cop wiles around. As if juggling her love life isn’t challenge (accepted) enough, there’s the whole ‘You smell so delicious’ from the vampires, Mark Abernathy is still the secret master, a potential vampire-werewolf war looms (don’t blame the redhead, okay, blame her), topped off with demigod Big O’s and unicorn glitter gas.👀🦄

Between the characters, the storyline, a love triangle, supercharged comedy, and sexual innuendo served with a side of Pule donkey cheese, Love Lies bursts with fantastical creatures, werewolf artists, and an impressive undead historical who’s who cast!

Tails from the Alpha Art Gallery is every readers’ doctor prescribed, feel-good medicine for those who just want to laugh out loud, discover that quirky is totally cool, and learning that dreaming of men and food at the same time is totally normal!

There is still time to catch up with the creative lunatics people beings at the Alpha Art Gallery! I’ve attached links for the entire series including a preorder link for the fourth book, Love Binds! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!