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Dannie’s memory loss misbehavior is not what the ShadowShine doctor ordered… The Beast is not even a fond memory in Mera’s mind, but she definitely knows there are some shifter shenanigans going on with her uber-friendly ‘pack’, and being the happy alpha-mate Wolfe is the most bizarre part of all. How can she be Torin’s mate when disgust is her immediate response to his presence? Then, she’s supposed to believe her bestie Simone left town without her… and her mate’s ‘ex’ bi#@h toy Sisily wants to be buddies…??? Her memories might be wiped of the past two years – but come on – Mera KNOWS this can’t be her life! Meanwhile, Shadow is busy destroying worlds in his hulked-out Anubis form looking for that something that was taken from him…

Reborn is not only about souls finding their way back to one another but also about embracing the miracle of family and friends – Len, Reece, Galleli, Lucien, and Alistair… Angel, Simone, Midnight, and Gaster! Jaymin Eve creates characters and worlds that spark and tingle every sense! Though this was the finale for Mera and Shadow, fans should be thrilled to discover that the author is not done with this world yet! A fourth book drops September 28, 2021 – and it’s Angel’s story (and I assume you all have been paying attention and KNOW who the leading man is)!!! I’ve attached Amazon links for all four books below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!