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A Court of Honey and Ash is Mayer and St. Clare’s first novel in their Honey and Ice series and follows the Unimak Tried as they battle for a place amongst the fae. Being half-human and half-fae isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a person. Unfortunately for Kallik, she’s exactly half and half, an insult to the Unseelie and Seelie courts (as if it’s her fault her fae dad’s swimmers weren’t more dominant). Kallik’s one-time savior and her one bright spot in the orphanage she grew up in turns his back on her, moving on to his life in the Unseelie court – thus, beginning her goal of becoming the best version of a fae she can be, thumbing her nose to all those who enjoyed calling her ‘mutt’. After eight years of training, Kallik should feel confident in her abilities to place high in the testing and earn a modicum of independence, however, her fifty percent of humanity reduces her magical abilities to an all-time, embarrassing low… After eight years away from home and her best friend Cinth, Kallik is ready to nail her abilities test and begin a new life, but at trial’s end, she discovers that being shunned by her father and losing her childhood love are unquestionably NOT the worst things that can happen…

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