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Linsey Hall is keeping fans in Guild City, and I, for one, am ecstatic! The Shadow Guilds ladies’ lives are anything but boring! Bite Me showcases the Haunted Hound’s bartender/bouncer, MacBeth O’Connell! Mac’s seer abilities are questionable but her fists and overall bada$$ery keep her covered – that is, until Drakon of Dracul, the FIRST vampire, prowls in during Mac’s shift – and he doesn’t want a drink… Obviously, Drakon is still bu## hurt about Mac burying him alive – FIVE YEARS AGO – problem is, she has no recollection of any such thing happening! Oh, and did I mention, Mac is his ONE AND ONLY Vampire Bride??? Yeah, so killing her for her egregious aggression is a dicey proposition. Before fangs start flying, Drakon decides Mac is a useful tool in helping him infiltrate a secret, extremely evil, society to help him retrieve something that was taken from him…

Readers, get your rappelling gear on – Linsey Hall doesn’t just leave Bite Me on a cliff’s edge – she throws you over and, I assume, walks away (evilly) laughing.

Yesssss! Another notch in my Linsey Hall series’ belt! Bring on Suck It, book two in the series, September 22, 2021!

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