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Since the first book in Eva Chase’s Bound to the Fae series, we’ve hypothesized that there is more to Talia than her anti-feral blood and warmth-inducing tears. In Fated Crown, the sixth book in the series, the Heart appears to be maneuvering all the fae like a master strategist whose endgame is anyone’s guess. While Talia’s four mates do all in their power to protect their people while still guarding the lovely curse-breaker, I fear Talia’s path is everything opposite of a serene stroll – and there is still the question of the Murk’s intentions – Why the attacks? When did they become so hated? Are they responsible for the curse or are they cursed as well? Most importantly, what do they want with Talia? Bound to the Fae has more layers than baklava and twice as many roundabouts as Carmel, Indiana!

Thank you for dropping by! If you still need a copy of Fated Crown I’ve attached Amazon links for it and the seventh book, Lies of Murk, which dropped August 18, 2021, plus the preorder link for Chained Soul (#8), releasing September 15, 2021!