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Did you miss Synthia and Ryder, Adam and Alden, or Zahruk and Vlad? Well, the gangs all here plus heaps more you know and love from The Fae Chronicles in Amelia Hutchins Playing with Monsters series! Hutchins writes like smokey, hot whiskey instead of wine, falls on you like an avalanche – soft, fluffy snowflakes are overrated, she’s gale-force winds where many authors emit temperate breezes – she is not a fairy godmother sprinkling love dust about your shoulders – she is Maleficent… smoke, fire, deadly, and perfect in her storytelling destruction. AH births characters like Magdalena and Lucian…

Magdalena’s personality is as cuddly as a prickly pear. Lucian is a dirty bomb, impressive in its destruction, but the after contamination isn’t conducive to snuggle time. When these two enter each other’s personal space – grab the fire extinguisher and… whips? None are what they seem – demon, angel, fae, creature, monster, witch, god, goddess, or… more. Lena is caught in a centuries-old game placing her in the demonic sight of Hell’s prince of darkness. The only chance of saving herself and her family lies in the hands of something even darker, and ferociously more dangerous.

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