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Drakon and Mac might have cost the secret society a $#!tl@ad of trapped Duracell soul batteries in Bite Me, but their leader, Ludovic, is by no means walking away quietly! In Linsey Hall’s second Vampire Bride installment, Suck It, our leading lady and man have their hands full trying to find a cure to Drakon’s curse, figure out what being the Daughter of the Arcane Society means for Mac, stop Ludo the Lunatic’s grab-n-dash of some Texan wolves, and if this wasn’t enough, they both are losing the amore battle, which we all know is a really, really, really bad idea and yet we so, so, so want it to happen! Linsey Hall, as usual, grips her readers’ beating hearts and squeezes mercilessly… and we love it❣

*Note – I’ve noticed several reviewers that don’t like Mac’s story as well as some of her Shadow gal pals’ previous ones – and I’m totally down for freedom of speech, but… They. Are. Wrong.😁

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