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Okay, fellow fantasy aficionados – look alive! Lucia Ashta has a new series – Rocky Mountain Pack – and the first book, Wolf Bonds, is a compelling, glorious, tangled web of mystery and fantasy! Ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you like Colorado? 2. Do you long for the Rocky Mountains? 3. Do you enjoy crazy, tree climbing, no filter best friends? Do you adore fantasy journeys that sprinkle in a little immortal, a ton of shifter, a hefty amount of vampire, and… rock climbing? If you answered yes to any (ALL) of these questions, then begin this series without delay. Meet Naya, orphaned as an infant and adopted into the Rocky Mountain Pack; her lineage makes her blood the possible savior to all shifters, and therefore, protected by all the wolves to within an nth degree of her sanity… but what happens when Naya’s history begins to unravel? The very foundation of her place in the shifter community is called into question!

So glad you dropped in! If you would like to get your copy of Wolf Bonds, I’ve attached an Amazon link below, as well as a preorder link for the second book in the series, Wolf Lies, due out October 20, 2021. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!