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Until the sands fade.

Reece of the Desert Lands

Have no fear that Jaymin Eve took the road less traveled by… the main character focus shifted, yes, but Shadow, Mera, Galleli, Alistair, Len, Lucien, Gaster, Inky, and Midnight are still very much present in Melalekin and Reece’s journey! The newly reborn transcendent of Honor Meadows and the red sand sifting Rohami desert god are throwing more smolder than boulders at each other these days, so when Reece feels a disturbance deep in the Delfora where ancient gods are buried he asks his death squad buds (he only stares heatedly at Angel) to come with. Their voyage over turbulent sand rivers and seas (yes! it’s like water – but not!) is brutal – Deserted will swing readers high and swing them low, make them laugh out loud and fight against tears, it will satisfy the explorers, have them rewrite their friend goals, and encourage day-musings of sand tryst pros and cons…

*Note – Prepare yourselves for this note… seriously… prepare… Compelled, the 5th book in the Shadow Beast series does not release until March 29, 2022 – good news for those who are just beginning this series – bad news for those who are literally DYING to know what’s going on with Lucien and Simone!!! (My level of Patience isn’t quite hitting Virtue yet – where’s my rosary?!).

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