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The Cornish Princess unearths the skeletal remains of bygone history, beginning with Brutus of Troy’s banishment, his landing and settling in what is now Britain, and his eventual family ties with the Princess of Cornwall. In the author’s own words, “This is NOT a romance. It is a romantic fantasy,” though I feel The Goldenchild Prophecy series is far more hybrid than that. When an author passionately researches the past while gently inserting an entirely new perspective… the words, the story, beg to be read. Crosby delves into the spread of Rome’s Red Tide while drawing on the magical legend of the Tuatha Dé Danann, with hints of Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers, sprinkles of Rumpelstiltskin, traitors, mysterious murders, politics, and currents of familial relations carrying a deadly undertow of secrets. There are Druids, witches, faekind, and piskies. Battles, treaties, and takeovers. Faith, friendship, and love. As I stated earlier… The Cornish Princess is not simply a romantic fantasy. There is nothing simple about it. The characters are complex and do not divulge their thoughts or purpose easily. Crosby has created a balanced, multifaceted genre, one where history’s battle cry is tangible while fingers of fable and fantasy pull and tug the unwary.

I’m so happy you dropped by! If you are ready to begin another Crosby journey with me I’ve attached a link to The Cornish Princess and a preorder link for the second book, The Queen’s Huntsman, which releases July 5, 2022. I do not know when the third book, The Forgotten Prince, is scheduled to release yet. I have also added links to Crosby’s website as well as her publishing house Oliver-Heber so you never miss her latest news! A special thank you to the author for allowing me a pre-release copy of The Cornish Princess!