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Mile High with a Vampire is Lynsay Sands 33rd Argeneau novel and Quinn and Jet’s story. We initially met Quinn and her son Parker in The Trouble with Vampires, which is her twin sister Pet’s story (29), and I admit to not giving a lot of thought to Quinn after that… my mistake… Quinn seemed like the weak link in the twin department, but oh, how wrong I was. She and her son survived being violently turned by her husband and losing her brilliant career as a cardiothoracic surgeon! She may have suffered through disappointment and depression BUT she did not give up… she just needed a few years to regroup – Mile High with a Vampire is Quinn taking back her life, unlocking her past, and discovering the possibility of love. She just has to get through a plane crash, life mate dreams (those aren’t so hard to endure, I’m sure), the reemergence of terrifying childhood memories, and if this wasn’t enough… an immortal crime syndicate is prowling around. Fans of this series surely realized that Lynsay Sands couldn’t leave Santo’s sister-in-law a recluse!

Thank you for stopping in! I’ve attached an Amazon link for Mile High With A Vampire and a preorder link for the next book in the series, Immortal Rising, releasing April 26, 2022.