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When Elizabeth Briggs rolls out the red carpet for a new series, I walk that literary runway like a rapacious model – Give Me Everything You’ve Got Briggs!

Ayla is a twenty-two-year-old wolf shifter, daughter of the Cancer pack Alpha, and she’s ostracized, beaten, belittled, and so ready to experience her first Convergence, where, if all goes to plan, she’ll finally be able to shift, and, fingers crossed, she’ll meet her fated mate! In other words, this is Ayla’s time to finally shine… if shining includes mate rejection, clan wars, and kidnapping… With the Zodiac signs giving unique powers to the packs and the Sun and Moon witches pulling the strings, Elizabeth Briggs’ new shifter series is everything original!

Dear Elizabeth Briggs, did you have to make readers choke up during the first few pages – No one likes eyeburn in the FIRST CHAPTER!!!

Moon Touched Reader Challenge: Attempt to NOT instantly love Ayla.

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