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I’ve never needed a cold shower after reading (devouring) a new book… Until Now! K. F. Breene has long been one of my favorite pushers of boundaries. So, it is with a double fist pump and a He!! Yeah that I pronounce this Deliciously Dark Fairytales series a total winner! A Ruin of Roses introduces Finley, a shifterless shifter with a green thumb and a penchant for stabbing things, and Nyfain, a dragon prince of a demon-infested kingdom and patroller of the Forbidden Wood. Finley’s one-horse village is cursed – residents can’t shift, they can’t leave, and they come down with a wasting sickness. Nyfain’s castle resembles a debauched Alice in Wonderland’s very merry Unbirthday. Underneath the demon orgy folderol, dreams for a better life are slipping away after sixteen years. There is a spark of hope in thwarting the Demon King and his curse, the barest of embers, really, but I have complete faith that once KFB drags fans through the briars backward, we’ll witness a miracle (with quite a few naked bits and bobs along the way).

Nyfain’s “butler” Hadriel will definitely give readers a whips and chains Lumiere vibe.💋

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