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Love Binds is out! This is the fourth book in Cynthia St. Aubin’s Tales from the Alpha Art Gallery series. I awaited this book with excitement and dread. Excitement because I finally got to tune back into the Hannelore Harvey Inner Monologue Radio Station, and dread because it wraps up Hanna and Mark’s story. Although, there are endless characters that desperately need their own stories (see *Note).

Hanna believed being THE female head cheese (😁) of the werewolf world would be all moonlit night runs, mate snuggles, a few rear-end sniffs, snack time, and minor squabble hearings, that is IF her body would cooperate with her inner howl. Unfortunately, the HH Dinghy is sinking faster than the Titanic. Mark Abernathy is the only thing keeping her afloat (he’s amazing like that). Mark Abernathy is also the one making her go to The Gathering in Tipperary, Ireland where the heads of the ruling werewolf families decide whether or not they will accept Hanna as their alpha female (he can be a d!@k like that). Oh, and did I mention Hanna’s former BF detective turned vampire wants her to pay (in blood) for his change of vocation?

You know, there is one thing that only a handful of authors perfect during their careers – sexy snacking… or snacking sexily… no matter, both writing styles require higher education and copious amounts of testing. Since The Great British Baking Show gets a Love Binds mention, it’s a given St. Aubin takes her foodie research to the next level (btw, season 9 is out on Netflix…). I must also mention, and this is only supposition, that Meg Ryan’s foodgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally made a LASTING impression on the author… no judgment… but seriously, I have to be right.

*Note – Needed Spin-Offs for fans (top 4 only, but I have quite a list): Hades of Hades, Crixus, River, and Olivia!

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