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When Shannon Mayer decides to end a series, the author obviously knows no other way than to go out with a BANG!

People who say women are the weaker sex… have never met Phoenix! Nix escaped captivity in A Savage Spell, found out her daughter didn’t die, and that Killian was alive and with her brother. So, a lot happened in book 4! A Killing Curse finds Nix with a motley crew of powerhouses, including her canine killer pal, Ruby. Before Nix can focus on her personal life she has to find an end-of-all-life killing spree spell before Gardreel does – problem is, the one being who knows the spell is dead, and a death talker is the only way to get it… AND, the death talker is being held in a facility like the one she just ESCAPED from! Do you see??? There is absolutely, one-hundred percent, no slow roll in this book! Move left into the fast lane when you peel open this baby! A Killing Curse is KILLER!

*Note – Fans, please put a potential spin-off series featuring Bear and Emerald in your prayers🙏😊

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