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It was still a man’s world … but not for long, she vowed.

Gwendolyn, Queen of Cornwall Loc 4467 of 4692

If The Cornish Princess was likened to a cozy, crackling fire, adolescent and naive of its foretold fate, then The Queen’s Huntsman is a blazing forge, heating, bending, altering – a cunning sword demanding its due.

The shock and betrayal Gwendolyn suffered at the hands of her new husband gives readers an extraordinary prescience of what lies ahead. In The Queen’s Huntsman, a dark foreboding surrounds the Queen as King Locrinus’ dark army swarms Pretania, conscripting its once-loyal tribes.

M├ílik Danann of the Fae promised never to leave Gwendolyn. She believes he broke that promise. She believes he never loved her. She believes that she has nothing and no one… even queens can be wrong.

War is coming, and as its bloody, rallying call echos, the Dragon Queen emerges.

Tanya Anne Crosby manages to subtly meld genres in The Goldenchild Prophecy series. This historical romance is gently kissed with fantasy and lore. It will steal your breath as goosebumps pebble your skin. Crosby is a cross-genre Queen!

I hope everyone is blown away by this series! I’ve attached Amazon links to all three books below. The Cornish Princess is out. The Queen’s Huntsman releases July 26, 2022. The Forgotten Prince releases June 27, 2023. A big thank you to Oliver-Heber Books for sending me an ARC.