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K. F. Breene has long been one of my favorite pushers of boundaries. So, it is with a double fist pump and a He!! Yeah that I pronounce this Deliciously Dark Fairytales series a total winner! A Ruin of Roses introduces Finley, a shifterless shifter with a green thumb and a penchant for stabbing things, and Nyfain, a dragon prince of a demon-infested kingdom and patroller of the Forbidden Wood. Finley’s one-horse village is cursed – residents can’t shift, they can’t leave, and they come down with a wasting sickness. Nyfain’s castle resembles a debauched Alice in Wonderland’s very merry Unbirthday. Underneath the demon orgy folderol, dreams for a better life are slipping away after sixteen years. There is a spark of hope in thwarting the Demon King and his curse, the barest of embers, really. Having just finished the fourth book – A Queen of Ruin – let me assure Breene’s fans to have faith in KFB’s tried and true method of dragging her followers through the briars backward -twice- of making you cry -multiple times- of making you sigh (or pant) -hundreds of times- and making you laugh -thousands of times- this series is a guaranteed page turning Fantasy (with quite a few naked bits and bobs along the way).

Deliciously Dark Fairytales is Nyfain and Finley’s story to tell, but their friends and family have A LOT to say. Breene has a super hard time putting any of her characters in the backseat (they would just yell over the MCs’ shoulders anyway…) no, Breene’s “secondary” cast is way too cool to be relegated to a shadowy corner.

*Note – Nyfain’s “butler” Hadriel will definitely give readers a whips and chains, Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere vibe.💋

This series is just four more reasons to crush on K.F. Breene❣️ I have attached Amazon links for all four books below. If you want to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!