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Death Lord is the 4th installment in Elizabeth Briggs’ Claimed by Lucifer series, and it is a 175-page novella of page-turning craveability! Briggs decided to give Lucifer and Hannah time to give their Hell bound homestead a facelift and instead focuses her attention on Lucifer’s eldest son, Belial, aka Death, the not-so-fun-loving 4th Horseman. Yeah, Belial tried to overthrow his father a time or two, but hey, ruthlessness runs in the family… Becoming Death to save his little sister Aurora drummed up all sorts of I’m sorrys and I forgive yous in the family, and even though Belial doesn’t regret his decision for a moment, living with certain “apocalyptic afflictions” is a challenge. Enter Eira, a half-fae and half-demon beauty with vengeance on her mind and Death’s death in her sights. Cue Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson – the Grim Reaper of New Orleans is about to get his scythe handed to him.

I’m sure you’ve already read the first three books in this series (you have, right👀), but, in case you were waiting for that special moment (that moment is NOW), I’ve attached Amazon links to all four books below.😊