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I’m sure this isn’t your first foray into the imaginative world of author Leia Stone – but if it is 👀👀👀, know that you will have zero regrets! Standalone books have their place, and multi-book series make our fingertips tingle, but with a duology, readers can rest easy that the story won’t end too soon, but it will end – so for those who want their pièce de résistance sooner rather than later, duologies were made for you!

The Wolfed series is a love story that transcends time. Brayden, the displaced Greywolf King, and Averly, a young bartender and veterinary school student, are soul mates who are destined to meet every twenty years, marry, live and love – for one year only – before she dies, and it starts all over. Fae Lords took over Brayden’s land and his people, imprisoned him and his wife’s siblings, stripped his powers, and cursed his soul mate.

However, something went wrong the last time they found one another. The last generation Averly didn’t come back twenty years ago (It took forty this time!), and now that Brayden has finally found his mate again, she doesn’t remember him! As Averly’s clock ticks down to her death date, Braydon is fielding blows from all sides. I’m telling you, there are so many ‘what the whats’ and ‘no way Stone just did that’ in Wolfed you will not put these books down for a second! Enjoy!!!

Don’t put off starting Stone’s Wolfed duology! For your reading convenience 🙂 I’ve attached Amazon links for both books below.