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A Court of Starlight and Darkness is Linsey Hall’s newest fantasy trilogy! COSAD starts out shadowing Sia, a human orphan living a humdrum boring existence as a freelance movie reviewer. Everything changes when she receives a tip that could potentially give her the information she’s been longing for about who her parents are, and why they abandoned her. Her questionable choices, and even more questionable attire, find Sia entering a dive bar only to end fishnets-over-head, slung across a strange man’s shoulder. Whisked away to another world, Sia realizes her days of the mundane have come to an end…

Forced to enter a marriage competition, COSAD’s first book Forest of Stars gives readers a lovely mix of The Selection series by Kiera Cass, but totally in a Hunger Games you might day kind of way. Kiss of Shadow and Crown of Starlight are all heated glances, prophetic dark clouds, and lovers’ angst. This fantasy has funny bits, friendship highs, and dark magic lows – so, basically, it’s perfection! Find out why Sia was selected, how she hides her humanity amongst the powerful fae, who her parents really are, and if love finds its way through this Court’s twisted maze of death!

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