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Few characters tickle me more than ones that remind me of Brenna from Julie Garwood’s The Wedding! So, twenty-six years later, Lynsay Sands blessed this Historical Romance fan with Lady Claray MacFarlane.❣️Claray’s sensible-nonsensical personality will make you – simply… happy… She doesn’t dwell on the negatives. She is strong but quiet, thoughtful but engaging, tenderhearted and strong-willed. Claray is a mood lifter!

In Highland Wolf, Claray’s underhanded uncle attempts to force her hand in marriage to a scoundrel who has land appropriation on his mind and a no-means-yes mentality. Thankfully, a mercenary for hire does a grab-n-dash before the vows are spoken. Set on an alternate course, Claray rolls with this newest life-changing event like the strong Highland woman she is, but for the love of all woodland creatures, this kind-hearted woman is a trouble magnet – danger stalks their group, especially the mysterious mercenary. Brilliant offering in Sands’ long-running Highland Brides series!

Don’t forget that the eleventh Highland Brides book, In Her Highlander’s Bed, releases next year, January 24th! If you need something to read while you wait, don’t forget about Sands’ Argeneau series – jump out of Historical Romance and dive into the contemporary vampire life! I am attaching Amazon links to Highland Wolf and the prerelease below (cover coming soon).😊