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Admittedly, I have been patiently/impatiently awaiting Marcel Lamarr, the Marquess of Dorchester’s twin children’s stories – and in Someone Perfect, we get his daughter Estelle’s! Listen, if you’re reading this review then I’m sure you already love Mary Balogh or are drawn to any and all British Regency era romances. This is Balogh’s ninth Westcott novel, and with the exception of Someone to Care (Marcel’s story), Someone Perfect has a slightly different feel. Slight to be sure as fan’s undoubtedly know they’re in the bosom of the Westcott tribe and extended family’s bosom, but this book… it does touch and linger on friends and relations, but Justin and Estelle are the reader’s nucleus. Everyone else fades into the background – Even Avery!!!

Read Someone Perfect and discover why Justin was cut off and banished from his home and his once loving father. Find out why Estelle has yet to accept an offer of marriage. Find out who Captain is or Wes, Hilda, and Ricky. Balogh masterfully writes characters that are not forgotten or set aside easily. This author inspires laughter and tears, smiles and sighs. I have never put one of her books down without a feeling of warmth and satisfaction.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you still need your copy of Someone Perfect, I’ve attached an Amazon link below.