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What could be better than the story of Kaysar the Unhinged One and Cookie the Uncrumbled (Heartless, Immortal Enemies Book 1)? Nothing. Nothing could ever be better. But there are two beings that may equal the Kaysar-Cookie duo. Enter Micah the Unwilling and Viori the… hmmm… let’s call her Viori the Unforgotten. Showalter is a giver in case you’re new here…

In Ruthless, we discover the once lost, now found, sister of King Kaysar living her best reclusive, monster-making life – until she meets Micah. Micah, the lonely boy who wanted to be her friend. Micah, the merciless King. Micah, her beloved brother’s sworn enemy. It’s hard for Viori to stick to her half-truth lies when seers seem to lounge about in every bough of the forest’s trees but stick to them she will. She owes her brother a debt, and no matter the devastating consequences, she will pay it.

Immortal Enemies rates so high in my favorites list I’d need angelic permission to release it. 😇

Thank you for stopping by! If you haven’t read Ruthless, I’ve attached an Amazon link below.