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Helen Harper is a Goddess of the Mysterious and Fantastical while still walking a Contemporary line.


Welcome back to Helen Harper’s Firebrand series where everyone is either a hunter or hunted, predator or prey, meek or monster, magical or mundane – there is not one single moment, a single thought that is not whizzing and whirring without mechanical clinks of mystery and foreboding! The author certainly didn’t slow her roll of chaos in her sixth installment, A Killer’s Kiss. Emma Bellamy is a detective for London’s Supernatural Squad, a resurrecting phoenix, girlfriend to vampire Lord Horvath, a crossbow-toting lady with nerves of steel, and quite possibly the most low-key, pragmatic, brilliant woman to ever grace an Urban Fantasy Romance cover! Emma tracks a serial killer who isn’t choosy about their victims, and unfortunately for the constable, she’s thrown into a game of killer and mouse as the death toll rises.

Side Note: Helen Harper has been known to play with her fans’ delicate sensibilities before A Killer’s Kiss release – but what, WHAT, in the actual #@!! did she do to us with that demon-cursed Epilogue?!?! Wherefore art thou tome VII…

Thank you so much for stopping in! I’ve attached Amazon links for the entire Firebrand series below (as of now… THERE HAD BETTER BE MORE COMING HH💋).