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One week, five books and one novella later, and I can fully, wholeheartedly, 💯recommend Hailey Edwards’ Black Hat Bureau series. The entire lineup of characters are all MCs – seriously, once you’ve read the books, try imagining Clay as supporting cast… no one puts that golem in a corner!

The Black Hat Bureau definitely gives off FBI vibes but its agents are bad guys killing, well, badder guys. Rue is the BHB Director’s favorite black witch agent to knock around until she finally managed to break away from the Bureau ten years ago. Living the small-town apothecary dream in Samford, Alabama, Rue no longer practices the whole black witch, eating hearts gig (a secret roomie keeps her on the straight and narrow), however, the Director only gave her a semblance of freedom – he always knew where to find her, and he always knew the type of case that would bring her back.

If wanting five to ten more books in this series is wrong – I don’t want to be right…

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